Do Bees Need Space? How Much Space You Need To Keep Bees

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Honeybees are essential pollinators of crops and wild plants, but their populations have declined in recent years. One way to help reverse this trend is by becoming a beekeeper yourself. Before you invest in a hive and some bees though, you need to remember that bees need space! Surprisingly, bees actually require very little space, … Read more

Pollinators: What Colours Attract Pollinators More?

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Pollination is a process that every garden needs. It doesn’t matter if you grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, or anything in between, you won’t get very far without pollination! Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anthers to the stigma. This is done by insects mostly but also by wind and other means. If … Read more

July 2022 Update: Welcome To Summer!

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It always feels like Spring takes FOREVER to get going, and then almost as soon as you can say “yes, this is Spring!” it’s the middle of Summer and all of the plans we had for Spring are out of the window! Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy This month has been a bit of a … Read more